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To unite and integrate leading eye care practices in the Southeast – delivering sustainable value to our partners and our patients.


To be the trusted partner of choice in eye care practice management, elevating our practices to new heights and forging a lasting legacy of clinical excellence and outstanding patient care.


Active & Involved – We operate with a roll up your sleeves, all hands on deck approach, actively engaging with our member practices to identify solutions to everyday issues and to find additional opportunities to better serve and grow. We are 100% invested – in every sense of the word.

Open & Honest – We place tremendous value on acting with transparency. We believe in intentional clarity, straight talk and personal accountability, and we treat everyone our business touches – from patients to staff to management – with the respect they deserve. Clarity isn’t just common sense, it’s good business sense.

Collaborative & Supportive – We pull together to support one another, ideate, troubleshoot and discover new ways we can work better, faster & smarter.

Performance Driven – We’re laser focused on results. We track, measure, monitor and analyze all facets of our business to develop insights and deliver outstanding care. We believe in real, tangible results, and we’re always looking for ways we can elevate all we do to ensure the best outcomes – both for our patients and our company.

Future Focused – We are always looking forward – exploring everything from new technologies and treatments to new systems and practices. We’re methodical and analytical, relying on our team of experts to test and validate the “next big thing” that comes our way to make sure we’re always staying ahead of the curve.

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