At Eye Health America, we bring together best in class providers to provide the highest quality outcomes for our patients. Whether directly out of school, from another practice or joining through a partner practice, our doctors journeys are the most compelling endorsement for partnering with EHA. See what some of our physicians have to say about their experience with Eye Health America.

Dr. McLane and Dr. Easterling talk about all the benefits of becoming a partner at Eye Health America.

When I joined Eye Health America, I was able to double my surgical volume while offering patients the latest technology to provide better outcomes.

Dr. Adam Easterling, MD

EHA offered a great partnership with fantastic resources to allow us to provide exceptional care to our patients.

Dr. Troy Alexander, OD

EHA has created an environment that maintains my decision making as a physician, has more than doubled by patient volume and allows me to focus purely on patient care. 

Dr. Bradley O’Neill, DO

Partnering with EHA allows me to practice to my fullest scope and provide better outcomes for my patients.

Dr. Scott Han, OD

After 35 years in Optometry, my work is more satisfying now that I can concentrate on patient care, which I love.  Practicing at the highest level of my license at this stage in my career is very rewarding and I love working as a team with outstanding surgeons and sharing amazing outcomes with our patients.

Dr. Dan Haas, OD

Since joining our private equity group, we still look for that same cultural fit when we partner with other practices.  As we create a larger organization, we want to ensure everyone's vision of ophthalmic health care delivery is in alignment.

Dr. Cathleen McCabe, MD, EHA CMO
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