Employee Benevolence Program

Eye Health America (EHA) is aware of the financial burdens that occasionally face our valued employees. Whether these challenges occur from natural disasters or personal problems, we care about you and want to help. To address the critical financial concerns of our work family, we have set up an EHA Employee Benevolence Program consisting of donations from our physicians, staff, vendors and anyone motivated to make a difference. For many who are facing financial hardships, a little can go a long way towards groceries, utilities, rent or other bills. We are working through Provision Bridge, a donor-assisted fund program, to provide an easy, tax deductible way for individuals, families and organizations to give to those in need.

If you are an employee with an essential need, here is an opportunity for you to apply for financial assistance. Although there are conditions and criteria that must be met to receive aid, these criteria are not meant to exclude any applicant. However, since the Fund is supported solely by donor contributions, it is essential to truly identify those with need, to preserve the original intent of the Fund, and to prevent possible misuse or abuse.

Important points to remember:

  • The EHA Employee Benevolence Fund Committee reviews all applications and recommends candidates to Helping Hands Ministries, who approve and manage distribution of funds.
  • The Fund will typically pay expenses associated with a crisis directly to the institution (which may include rent, utilities, medical bills, and other essentials).
  • There is no guarantee that a request will be fulfilled. If a request is denied, every effort will be made to refer the applicant to other community sources of support.
  • The employee applications are confidential.
  • For questions about the application process, please contact Human Resources.

To apply for emergency funds, an associate must:

  • Be experiencing financial hardship having exhausted all personal resources
  • Have exhausted all personal resources
  • Complete an application form and include documentation of expenses for which the associate needs assistance. 

Examples of financial hardship may include:

  • COVID-19
  • Sudden death funeral expenses
  • Medical expenses not covered by insurance for serious illness such as cancer, heart surgery, or other long-term disabling conditions; or
  • Loss of spouse’s employment; or
  • Loss of home or belongings due to fire; or
  • Physical abuse/abandonment, dramatic changes in domestic situation
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